Offering Pro Bono and Reduced Cost Support to Agencies that Address Systemic Change

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

It's hard to see agencies that have good in their heart fail because they do not have access to the appropriate networks or resources needed to fulfill their mission. As our country grieves over lives lost and long-standing hurt, the helpers in our society become all the more important.

In the nonprofit world, we are surrounded by inequalities of resource distribution based upon the networks we are associated with, the way we communicate, the knowledge and tools we have at our disposal. Nonprofit fundraising is easy when you are someone with money or you have access to people who have money. Nonprofit fundraising gets easier when you have a case for support to communicate why your project is worth supporting and someone who can help you find the resources you need to support your work. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of people who can support causes in big and meaningful ways and a growing number of nonprofits that are vying for their support. According to a recent Inside Philanthropy article, grants for people of color (POC) made up "just 10% of domestic funding, when considering grants over $10,000 from the largest 1,000 U.S. foundations. These funding inequities reflect entrenched patterns of structural racism and wealth inequality in U.S. society, which has its roots in slavery."1

Are you a nonprofit leader who is seeking to help POC to access opportunities to change the world for better? Does your work involve inclusion, mentorship, or youth outreach for POC to develop opportunities for a younger generation in white-dominated sectors? Do you provide resources to support POC to own homes, access high paying career fields, gain medical assistance, and/or increase safety and community engagement activities within under-resourced neighborhoods? As a grant writer and fundraising consultant, I'd like to schedule some time to listen and support you. I am offering pro bono and reduced price support starting with an hour of free consultation every Friday during the month of June.

Please schedule your one-hour consultation today! I may not have all of the answers, but with 10 years of nonprofit experience, I am here to listen, brainstorm, and offer support in whatever way I can.

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