Top 5 Free Fundraising Resources I've Used More Than Once

As fundraisers and nonprofit leaders, we have a lot to accomplish. Big problems to solve! Here are FIVE good fundraising resources that have helped me with problem-solving...and hopefully will help you, too:

1. The 7-Figure Fundraising Podcast: This one is great to listen to when you're multi-tasking. It's not gimmicky or annoyingly authoritative; it's just high quality conversation. I love that each podcast includes a real-life nonprofit leader interview with concrete examples of how you can use the interviewee's strategies at your own nonprofit.

2. Nonprofit AF: This is where you go on days when you need a laugh. The website and corresponding private Facebook group (Nonprofit Happy Hour) provide resources and links to a much larger nonprofit community - and a cheering section for what you're doing each day.

3. Gift Range Calculator: This is a good resource for any fundraising project. Whether you're raising $100k or $5M, it allows you to start thinking about which donors might fit within each range and how many more donors you might need to complete the project.

4. Nonprofit Ready: This site is helpful when you need to learn about a topic on-the-fly. They touch on many different topics that affect fundraising and nonprofit effectiveness. Many of the topics are offered at a beginner-level.

5. Prospect Research Worksheet: This worksheet is no longer available on the new Candid website (I don't think), but it's a good example of some of the information to look for when prospect researching. I hope it remains out in the internet space for a while longer!

Happy hunting!

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